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Overview: A generated album at a glance

N E W : You can easily geotag your files using Google Earth. and JCapPMGo here for more details.

My goal in creating the PositionMap skin was to provide a territorial map showing where I took my photos. PositionMap is particularly useful for landscape photos (not for party photos...). I also wanted to learn about the geography of some regions -- if people share their photos, we can easily find ideas for upcoming holidays. :-)

Here is a sample screenshot from a generated photo album (this is also available as my fully functional first example album).

Hovering the mouse over a thumbnail image on the index page emphasizes the corresponding point or area on the map. Conversely, hovering the mouse over a point or an area on the map brings up a tooltip with its corresponding thumbnail image and caption (if one exists).

In addition, you may give a description of all the photos in a folder. The description, too, may have interactive references to position points on the map.

Clicking on a thumbnail image or a position point opens slide page with the photo, and optionally also with information such as written descriptions and EXIF data.

Types of tooltips top

There are 2 types of tooltips:
  1. photo tooltips
  2. map tooltips
Photo tooltips correspond to your photos, as the name suggests and as shown above. Map tooltips show a thumbnail image of the map for each subdirectory, as in the following screenshot.

Types of position points top

A position point may be represented as:
  1. a point or
  2. an area
Either may have an associated line or an angle of view as shown already above.
A line or angle of view may be either for a photo, as already shown, or for a directory, as shown in the screenshots immediately above and below this text.

Clicking on a map tooltip (or directly on the folder icon) brings up the first index page of the subdirectory:

As you can see, the points overlap each other on the map. Though the maximum map size can easily be set, this map had to be scaled down in order to fit well on the index page. Nevertheless, the visitor may open the original, full-size map by clicking anywhere on the scaled-down map (except on position points or areas):

Photo and map tooltips in the pop-up window work as same as on index pages: clicking on the tooltips opens the corresponding page in the parent window, that is, the window showing pages of the album.
As you can see, the positions of all points (and the size of areas if they exist) on the map in the pop-up window are automatically adjusted.

PositionMap is a skin (=template) for the Freeware program JAlbum. It's easy to use! Try it out!